Friday, May 11, 2018

Many Hands Make Light Work

Sometimes a random quote can set off your imagination, translating into images and ideas in your head. That is exactly what happened the minute I set my eyes on these words — "Many Hands Make Light Work". I could instantly visualize the quote...

Glad that I could transfer the image in my mind's eye on to paper pretty accurately. In fact, it has turned out better than I anticipated. You may want to zoom the picture to see the vegetable prints that have gone into making up the background layers on the palms. Onion, okra, turnip... they are all in there! :D

And yes, the whole family pitched in on this one, giving me their palm prints. :) That was a fun way to work alright!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Birds In The Bush

Remember the painting and printing experiments I was doing a couple of months back? You can read about them here. Well, today I'll share with you the best outcome of those experiments. Something that emerged out of my random printmaking attempts and came together so beautifully. Presenting the birds in the bush...

I love how various techniques of mark-making combined to create a story of their own  right from monoprinting to stamping and masking. Love the dappled look on the bird at the top. Remember that many a times the best art comes out of what initially starts off as a mistake, but with a dash of creativity one can turn it around to something pretty.

I am now tempted to do an entire print series based on this, and already have ideas floating in my head. My instinct says this would make a great series to work on. Watch this space for updates! And write to me at if you want to own this piece or book some upcoming ones.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Avian Tales - Part 3

Remember my earlier posts on how the birds around me were getting me to whip up these little rhymes on them? You can read those posts here and hereWell, here comes more of the same...

Only this time the focus is on these creatures we discovered in our local park a few years back, and totally fell in love with. We have managed to follow their annual rituals (read hibernation and welcoming newborns), zeroed in on their favourite perches, and known how to spot them amidst dense foliage because of our sheer joy on seeing their antics.

So presenting to you all the owlie family :)

Sitting on a tree
Wild and free
We spotted these 3

Stopping by to rest
We glanced at their nest
And Junior said,
"My daddy strongest!"

Hope to bring you more tales on these feathery fellows in the coming months. 


Wednesday, March 7, 2018


As the mercury slowly climbs and spring melts into summer soon, here's my attempt at capturing some blooms for posterity.

Hollyhocks stand bright and upright in our neighborhood park, their pretty faces bobbing in the mellow breeze.

My garden is also a riot of colours before the summer heat dries everything up. Enjoy spring while it lasts...


Monday, February 12, 2018

A Month of Experiments

January has been a month of experiments - from trying out a new medium (gouache) to playing around with different techniques, monoprinting being a primary one. So here are the results for all to see... 

Someone passed around to me a half-used set of gouache tubes from Winsor and Newton. Quite a few colours were missing or already used up, so I had to use my ingenuity to figure out what I could create with a limited pallette. This drawing with a jar and pomegranates is my first gouache experiment.

Since I don't have a gelli plate, I do my prints using plastic sheets. Here are some of the outcomes... 

And then this next one is about masking negative space to create a new artwork.

Finally, a combination of vegetable prints and line drawing to get an abstract piece of art.

Hope you carry back some inspiration from these and play around with colours simply for the love of the process, like I did.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Woods Poster

Hey there, how is the new year treating everyone? I hope all my dear readers, patrons and friends started 2018 on a creative and adventurous note.

Well, as this is the first post this year, I thought I'd share something that would egg us all on to make the best use of the year ahead.... 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days - that's a lot of time. Let us make it count - accomplish our dreams, live out our desires, and spread some happiness along the way!

This poster features some of my favourite lines by Robert Frost. Hope they resonate with you too. Write to me at if you want a copy of this poster for yourself.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Corner Table Redo

I am trying to sneak in one more blog post before the year goes out and a new one starts, full of promise, with new projects and ideas. So here's sharing a project I did a couple of months back -- when the weather was warmer and the sun much stronger -- but forgot to post about. This project was a part of my pre-Diwali clean-ups around the house.

We have had this corner table around the house for years. It has been a rather useful piece of furniture, as it promptly fits in just about anywhere, and mostly gets obscured by whatever is placed on it. But still that awful sunmica tabletop had been an eyesore for me, bothering me every time I placed the table in my room. Then this year I had an idea.... why not change it?

And so you see the good old corner table donning a new avatar. Well, at least the tabletop does.... who sees the legs anyway? :P I started by sanding the borders and covering them in some yummy pink acrylic. Next I covered up the yucky brown sunmica with my favourite newsprint, dabbed some washes in white to tone down the blacks, and stuck a bouquet of flowers on it, making a round central pattern. And voila, the makeover was complete! Of course, a better effort would have meant painting up the sides and legs as well but I just got lazy. 

Anyhow, now the table looks good enough to be placed by itself, without needing things to hide its shabbiness. In fact, the pink borders add quite a dash of cheerfulness to it. Ending this year on that happy note.... Have a fantastic 2018, everyone! 


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