Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Woods Poster

Hey there, how is the new year treating everyone? I hope all my dear readers, patrons and friends started 2018 on a creative and adventurous note.

Well, as this is the first post this year, I thought I'd share something that would egg us all on to make the best use of the year ahead.... 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days - that's a lot of time. Let us make it count - accomplish our dreams, live out our desires, and spread some happiness along the way!

This poster features some of my favourite lines by Robert Frost. Hope they resonate with you too. Write to me at if you want a copy of this poster for yourself.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Corner Table Redo

I am trying to sneak in one more blog post before the year goes out and a new one starts, full of promise, with new projects and ideas. So here's sharing a project I did a couple of months back -- when the weather was warmer and the sun much stronger -- but forgot to post about. This project was a part of my pre-Diwali clean-ups around the house.

We have had this corner table around the house for years. It has been a rather useful piece of furniture, as it promptly fits in just about anywhere, and mostly gets obscured by whatever is placed on it. But still that awful sunmica tabletop had been an eyesore for me, bothering me every time I placed the table in my room. Then this year I had an idea.... why not change it?

And so you see the good old corner table donning a new avatar. Well, at least the tabletop does.... who sees the legs anyway? :P I started by sanding the borders and covering them in some yummy pink acrylic. Next I covered up the yucky brown sunmica with my favourite newsprint, dabbed some washes in white to tone down the blacks, and stuck a bouquet of flowers on it, making a round central pattern. And voila, the makeover was complete! Of course, a better effort would have meant painting up the sides and legs as well but I just got lazy. 

Anyhow, now the table looks good enough to be placed by itself, without needing things to hide its shabbiness. In fact, the pink borders add quite a dash of cheerfulness to it. Ending this year on that happy note.... Have a fantastic 2018, everyone! 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Birds Don't Need Trains

Didn't I tell you I was besotted by birds? Well, here is some more avian love... My little birdie poem has been prompted by the very interesting materials that went into making the background of these mixed media pieces. Can you guess what all is in there? Read on to discover....

Birds don't need trains
Only wings
Somewhat like planes....
But birds are living things!

They choose and decide
Where to fly
And don't need schedules
Or maps to go by...

Well, the lovely background includes train schedules printed in the daily newspaper, bits of a world map from somewhere, tea-stained scrunched tissue papers, and some regular handmade paper torn from an invite.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

India has been making news globally but not always for good things. Earlier this month, the episode of the horrendous Delhi pollution that left us choked and coughing, covered in a blanket of yellow-grey smog, really made me worried about the planet we are leaving behind for the generations to come.

This is not the Earth we inherited.... then why are we ruining and vandalizing it? Do we have no responsibility towards our children; how will they survive when the very air they breathe is poisonous! 

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for we still have much to be thankful for - the rising sun, the spells of rain, the growing greens, the chirping birds, and everything else that is bestowed upon us by Mother Nature.

Only, we have to learn to respect, preserve and nurture these gifts. Especially in a day and age when our kids are getting pollution holidays....

Hope you liked this gratitude postcard. You can see some of my earlier ones here.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mini Books for Kids

So 14 Nov is celebrated as Children's Day in India to coincide with our first Prime Minister's birthday (I've written about it here as well). Hence I thought it appropriate to share something prepared by my daughter recently.

She made these mini books totally by hand, after learning from a YouTube video by herself. Even as she made them, she figured out that these would make great autograph books - easy to carry around and just enough space for a signature.

Do let me know at if any of you would like to order these for your kids, or as return gifts or party favours. Sizes, cover designs and paper quality are all customizable as per requirement.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Deepawali Greetings

Creative Rumblings wishes you all a very happy, joyous and prosperous Deepawali.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Avian Tales

For some inexplicable reason I'm besotted by birds and can't help drawing them endlessly. Here are some of my birdies, with their stories to boot. Hope you enjoy these....

Since I am
A thorough gentleman,
I will always carry
Flowers for my beloved.

A baby magpie
Came home one night
And slept in a shoe box
Till next morning
When it learnt to fly
And reunited with its folks.


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